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University of Oxford


University of Oxford is one of the most traditional and oldest universities in the world. There is no evidence of the exact foundation of the university, but as per research it came into existence at least 1096. The university is located in London, United States. It contains 38 colleges with facilities for graduate and undergraduate students. 

Tuition fees and other expenses are higher than other global universities. It is a research hub, most of the students are doing their research with various programs. The university provides more than 900 scholarships to graduate students each year.


Rank #4

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked #4 in Best Global Universities. The university rank is according to QS Global University Ranking 2023.

University Statistics

Number of total academic staff
Number of international staff
Number of total students
Number of international students
Number of new master’s students
Number of new undergraduate students

Programs to Study

Computer Science 
Computer Science and Philosophy
Engineering Science

Earth Sciences
Materials Science
Mathematicians and Computer Sciences
Mathematicians and Philosophy
Mathematicians and Statistics
Physics and Philosophy
Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular)
BM BCh Medicine
Biomedical Sciences
Human Science
Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics
Psychology (Experimental)
Bachelor of Thology (BTh)
Economics and Management
Law (Jurisprudence)
Religion and Oriental Studies
Theology and Religion
Archaeology and Anthropology
Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
Classics (Literae Humaniores)
Classics and English
Classics and Modern Languages
Classics and Oriental Studies
English Language and Literature
English and Modern Language
Fine Art
Ancient and Modern History
History and Economics
History and English
History and Modern Languages
History and Politics
History of Art
Modern Language and Linguistics
Oriental Studies
Philosophy and Modern Languages
Philosophy and Theology
Philoshopy, Politics and Ecomonics

University of Oxford Official Website

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