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Kids Coronavirus Infection 2022

Health & Nutrition | Kids Coronavirus Infection Protection 2022

Since this is the peak time of COVID-19 pandemic throughout the continues, we need to be aware and take care to protect ourselves. We all have the responsibility and duty for our neighbor and society as well. We also take a special care for Kids Coronavirus Infection 2022. The basic points we need to follow are:

  1. Vaccination and booster dose
  2. social distancing
  3. Hand washing

As per medical science adults are infected mostly, kids have low chance to be infected. In case of children infections are mild or no symptom at all. But in few cases children are infected seriously. So, since possibilities are their, we can not take any risk about children.

Mask Wearing

 Mask is mandatory and only way to protect us whenever we come to contact in public place. Virus can spread wnen people breath, cough and talk. Only mask can keep away the virus reaching from one another. Children above 2 years also wear mask to protect themselves from the virus. Since children below 2 years are not able to wear mask, so to protect them, other around the baby must wear mask.

Is mask applicable for Baby or Toddler?

Children under 2 years should not wear a mask because:

Breathing could be harder for them. They are too young to express their problem or can open their mask when they face any problem. Sometimes they used to chew or touch by tongue anything over their face and it can increase the risk.

How Can I Protect My Baby or Toddler From Coronavirus Infection?

  1. Avoid crowds and keep safe distance from others whenever outing.
  2. Keep yourself clean, wash your hands when possible to maintain your baby.
  3. Separate the member who feel seek.
  4. Clean surface, clothes, bottles and other objects before going to use for the baby.
  5. Don’t touch eyes, mouth, nose or kiss your baby unnecessarily.
  6. Wear mask who are near by the baby.
  7. Educate other member about the care.

Should I Take My Child to the Doctor for Vaccines and Other Care?

Sure, but avoid the gathering, maintain safe distance, handle your baby by yourself. Returning home clean yourself and your baby properly. Doctor knows how to keep patient safe and he must take care about chamber and other staffs.

Vaccines Mandatory: Child’s vaccines are mandatory and it must be up to date to keep the child healthy. Consult with your family doctor and do a regular checkups. 

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