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Free AI training program by Indian Govt.

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Artificial Intelligence free course

Indian Govt has announced a AI course as a part of 2.0 program. This pioneering initiative is a free online training with a dedicated focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The program developed by Skill India and GUVI and accredited by National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) and IIT Madras.
AI for India 2.0 course holds a significant promise, the aim is to empower individuals, basically rural youth with advanced technology.

How to Sign Up for Free AI training program?

GUVI, a prominent Ed-tech organization incubated by IIT-Madras & IIM-Ahmedabad, provides personalized learning solutions.

The new course will be thought in nine different Indian languages. Candidate can simply sign up to GUVI’s official website for the course.

Candidates should have knowledge of Java, coding, cyber security, and other things. But users who wish to learn can sign up for this course to have a better knowledge of AI programming. If the candidate don’t have programming knowledge and want to learn advanced features of Python are also eligible for this course.

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