Budget of Studying in Canada

study cost in Canada

How much expensive to study in Canada | Cost of Studing | Cost of Living | Let's have a review.

Study in Canada is one of the most wanted plans of those who are willing to pursue higher studies. Budget to study in Canada is comparatively cheaper than other standard countries like the UK and USA. There are lots of prestigious universities in Canada having universal standard educational environments. Number of international students is increasing day by day in Canada. India is a country from where about 50% students are shifting to study in Canada each year. Weather, cities, atmosphere and budget are the most impressive key factors for Indian students.

Cost of Studying in Canada

Total cost in Canada depends on various factors like your selected program, institute, city, accommodation etc. A big part of your cost is the tuition fee and that can vary for different universities. Tuition fees of some better universities in Canada can be up to INR 20,00,000. If your budget does not permit you to study in Canada then you could find the scholarships, if you are eligible to obtain it.


Average Tuition Fees per annum

Application fees
$50 (INR 3,707) to $200 (INR 14,831)
Undergraduate Courses
INR 7,00,000 INR -16,15,000
Engineering & Medicine Courses (UG Level)
INR 12,00,000
Postgraduate Courses
INR 10,00,000
Humanities, Business & Management (UG Level)

INR 3,00,000 – 3,50,000

Visual and Performing arts
INR 3,00,000
INR 8,50,000
INR 15,00,000
INR 12,00,000
INR 25,00,000

Cost of Living in Canada

Living Costs in Canada


Flight Fare
INR 1,00,000- 2,00, 000/- per trip
Study Permit Fees
INR 11,500
Work Permit Fees
INR 12,000
IELTS test Fees
INR 15,000
INR 2,50,000-INR 5,50,000 per annum
Travelling Costs
INR 4,500 – 6,000
Health Insurance
INR 20,000 – 50,000
INR 15,000 – 25,000
Entertainment cost
INR 25,000

Cost of Bachelor's Courses

The cost of studying a bachelor’s degree in Canada across various universities is approximately INR 16,50,000 annually. Engineering and Medicine programs in Canada are a bit higher and more expensive. Other courses like Business Management, Humanities range from INR 3,00,000 toINR 3,50,000.

Cost of Master's Courses

Most of the students from India are willing to study higher degrees li ke masters, MBA and MBBS. For MBBS the tuition fees around INR 10,00,000 annually. Courses like Executive MBA is expensive here. The cost of executive MBA is around INR30,00,000 and the tuition fees of regular MBA is INR 15,00,000.

Cost of Accommodation

Accommodation cost is one of the big parts of total expense. It differs from city to city and your luxurious preference. Most of the universities provide on-campus accommodation where you can reduce your expenses. On an average the cost range is INR 3,50,000 – 5,50,000 annually. Few cities are highest paying like Toronto, Montreal etc. compared to others. To reduce the cost of accommodation you could like shared apartment.

Cost of Travelling in Canada

Since the travel expenses in Canada are high, students should prefer public transport like buses, trains etc. The average cost of traveling is between INR 50,000 annually.

Cost of Health Insurance

Medical insurance is mandatory for international students at the time of commencement for any program. Various policies are there, the average range of insurance cost is INR 15,000 – 50,000 annually.

Student Visa and Application Costs

A study permit is required to pursue any course in Canada that is more than 6 months. The cost of student visa fees is INR 8,500. Application fees vary depending on various factors, required documents like letter of admission, proof of funds, bank balance are needed to apply for Canadian students visa and the amount INR 6,00,000.

Study in Canada for Indians

Indian Students to Study in Canada

Study in Canada for Indians 2022 | Know the Budget, Courses and Top Universities

If you want to study abroad, Canada could be one of the best places where you could pursue Graduate, Masters, PhD and diploma courses. More than 6,00,000 international students are currently pursuing various programs in Canada. About 4,00,000 study permits were issued by Canada Governments last year 2021 including 2,00,000 Indian students. So, Indians students are much more comfortable to study in Canada. This is one of the safest countries with advanced education systems of top ranked global institutes.Apart from this Canada is not much expensive like other US countries compared to quality.

Table of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Basic requirements to study
  • Cost of study
  • Required documents
  • Courses to Choose
  • When to apply
  • Ranked universities
  • Study visa

Basic Requirements to Study in Canada 2022

  • Valid study permit
  • Fully vaccinated as per Canada Government acceptance
  • Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • Meet travel restrictions as international students

Cost of Studying in Canada

Cost of Study in Canada depends on various factors like  Institute, Program, place and accommodation etc.

Study program
Average annual fee (CAD*)
Average annual fee (INR*)
Undergraduate program
13,000 to 20,000
8-12 Lakh
Postgraduate master’s degree
17,000 to 25,000
10-15 Lakh
Doctoral degree
7,000 to 15,000
4-9 Lakh

Documents Required to Study in Canada

Key requirements for Indian students:

  • Marksheet/Transcripts  of your last degree or diploma
  • GMAT/GRE Scores for MBA and Masters programs in Canada
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letters of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Acceptable English Proficiency Tests:
    • IELTS
    • TOEFL
    • C1 Advanced
  • Proof of sufficient funds to study in Canada.
  • An updated CV (if required)
  • Educational Credential Assessment(ECA)

Courses to Study in Canada

There are huge opportunities to study in Canada with various programs. Before planning, match your subject and institute to study in Canada. 

  • Core Engineering & Engineering Management
  • Physical & Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy
  • Business & Finance
  • Biosciences, Medicine & Healthcare
  • Architecture, Statistics & Math
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Media & Journalism
  • Psychology & Human Resources
  • MBA

When to Apply for Studying in Canada?

Know the course availability in your selected university then apply for the program.

Program to Study

Application Started

Application Ends

Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Courses [Universities]
Fall Intake – September Winter Intake – January
December – March September – November


August – September January – February February – April

Top Ranked Universities in Canada

Since you are applying remotely, before applying, check the university rank position, course and city as well as total cost.

QS World University Rankings 2022
THE World University Rankings
University of Toronto
McGill University
The University of British Columbia
The University of British Columbia
University of Montreal
University of Alberta
McMaster University
University of Ottawa
University of Calgary

Canada Study Visa

For Indian students you need to apply to the Citizen and Immigration(CIC) authority for student permits to get the student visa.

There are two ways to apply for Study Visa:

  • Regular Study Permit

Apply directly to the official website of the CIC and submit required documents. It take time at least 15 day for verification. 

  • Student Direct Stream

Here you can apply either online or on paper. It takes a few more days for verification.